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Cyclones in the 2020 NFL Draft

Your Complete Guide to where the Top Cyclones could end up on Draft Day and after the Draft. Click Here to learn where Cyclones have signed across the NFL.


Steve Wirtel-6/7Th Round

The Long Snapper was solid throughout his whole Cyclone Career and looks to carry his success to the next level. He is a top 2 long snapper by almost all NFL Draft websites and many experts have predicted he gets drafted in the later rounds. Wirtel also set the record for fastest 40 yard dash by a Long Snapper at the NFL Combine. Look for Wirtel on day 3 of the Draft.


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ray Lima– 7th  Round/Sign  as  Undrafted  FA

Ray Lima was a Beast for the Cyclones at the DT Position. He seems like a player who can succeed at the next level. He totaled 80+ tackles for the Cyclones at the DT position during his 3 year career. Most experts do not have Lima drafted, but as I dove deeper, I saw Lima on quite a bit of mock drafts in the 7th Round. Look for Lima in the 7th round or signing immediately after the Draft.


MarcelSpears-7th  Round/Sign  as  Undrafted  FA

Marcel Spears was a star and Leader for the Cyclones at Linebacker. Spears seemed to always be making plays for the Clones. He totaled 272 tackles to go along with 6 sacks, 4 INT and 2 forced fumbles during his Cyclone Career. Only a few of the mock drafts I looked at had Marcel drafted, but even if he does not get drafted, lots of NFL teams are looking into him. Look for Marcel Late in the 7th round or signing immediately after the Draft.


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Julian Good-Jones – Sign  as  Undrafted  FA

Julian Good-Jones was a staple on the ISU Offensive Line. The Lineman from Cedar Rapids, Iowa will look to sign with a team in Free Agency after the NFL Draft. 


MatTLeo-LatE7th Round/Sign AS Undrafted FA

Cyclone DE Matt Leo looks to become the first South Australian player to play in the NFL. He totaled 3 sacks in his time at Iowa State and looks to make the jump to the next level. He has the psychical attributes to be a star in the NFL and has enrolled in the International Player Pathway Program. Multiple players have been drafted from this program in the recent years and Leo looks to become the next. Look for the Cyclone at the end of the draft or to be signed immediately after. Leo has a solid shot at making a 53 man NFL roster. 


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Lamichael Pettway – Sign  as  Undrafted  FA

The Transfer WR from Arkansas came to ISU for his final season and tallied an impressive 676 Receiving Yards and 6 TDs. Look for Pettway to sign after the Draft.


DeShaunte Jones– Sign as Undrafted FA

WR Deshaunte Jones is another Cyclone who isn’t on many mock drafts but getting a lot of attention from NFL teams. Look for Jones to be signed quickly after the Draft. The Wide Receiver had a very successful year last year with almost 900 receiving yards to cap off his career at ISU


I will have a Post-Draft Article Updating All Cyclones who sign with NFL teams post Draft

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