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Former Cyclones in Madden 23

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

The amount of Cyclones in the NFL has increased greatly over the last few years, along with the production for these professional Cyclones. Lets look at their ratings for Electronic Art's upcoming Madden 23 video game:

David Montgomery (RB-Chicago Bears) -84 Overall

Allen Lazard (WR-Green Bay Packers)-77 OVR

Breece Hall (RB-New York Jets)- 76 Overall

Kene Nwangwu (RB-Minnesota Vikings)- 69 OVR

Charlie Kolar (TE- Baltimore Ravens)- 67 OVR

Andrew Mevis (Kicker-Jacksonville Jaguars)-65 Overall

Will Harvey Jr. (LB- Cleveland Browns)- 64 Overall

Mike Rose (LB-Kansas City Chiefs)- 63 Overall

Dylan Soehner (TE-New Orleans Saints)- 62 Overall

Brock Purdy (QB-San Fransisco 49ers)-59 Overall

Landon Akers (WR- Los Angeles Rams)- 59 Overall

Steven Wirtel (LS-Green Bay Packers)- 34 Overall

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