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Interview with Iowa State Star Wide Receiver Jaylin Noel

(photo via 247 Sports)

Star ISU Wide Receiver Jaylin Noel agreed to answer some questions from the comments of my Instagram Post (@Cyclone.sports). I put together some of the best questions in this article, so make sure to read to learn more about the Cyclone receiver. I also left the post with all the questions at the end of the post. Make sure to drop him a follow on Instagram: @jay.noe13!

Q: Who just can't guard u at practice? (asked by: @trev0r__)

A: "Howard Brown cant guard me"

Q: Are you faster than me? (asked by @hb.99._, defensive lineman for Iowa State)

A: Do we need to race to find out??

Q: What does the team need to do to take the steps to get back to the big 12 championship game? (asked by: @dkoop57)

A: "Trust the Process"

Q: What is your most anticipated matchup (player or team)? (asked by: @hansenthehawkboy)

A: "The first game is all im worried about!"

Q: Why #13? (asked by: @calmcguire3)

A: "Its what they gave me, and I made it mine"

Q: Is there an incoming Freshman or transfer that has impressed you? (asked by: @tylerstuart34)

A: Greg Gaines and Jason Essex, "They snapping"

Q: W/L for the season prediction? (asked by @gav.meister)

A: "Whats an L?"

Q: Funniest guy on the team? (asked by @willbaldus8)

A: Howard Brown, "for sure"

Q: What is your Favorite part of going to Iowa state? (asked by @loganturney)

A: "Gamedays!"

Q: What motivates you to keep going ? (asked by: @carterbarber2008)

A: "My goals for the future!"

Q: Strongest on the team ? And do y’all buy the linemen donuts if they don’t allow a sack ? (asked by: @carterbarber2008)

A: "There are a few candidates for strongest on the team but most likely @_.domo95._ (Domonique Orange). But no I haven’t bought any lineman donuts but thats a good idea😂"

Q: What are the team's season goals? (asked by: @spicey_mike10)

A: "Big 12 Champs"

Here is the Q&A post from Instagram:

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