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Interview with Iowa State Transfer Guard Jeremiah Williams

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

I did a Q and A on Instagram with Jeremiah Williams who just transferred from Iowa State to Temple, and had my followers ask some questions, here are some of the best: Iowa State Questions Q: What drew you to ISU? (asked by @logan_a_connor) A: “[ISU] was the first school to connect with me in the portal, also seeing what coach TJ was able to do caught my eye along with many other things”

Q: What are you most excited about for next season? (asked by @chayseroecker) A: “Playing Iowa” Q: Which team in the Big 12 are you most excited to play against? (asked by @mizisuirl) A: “Kansas”

Q: Is there anything that set TJ apart from other coaches that reached out to you? (asked by @i_walworth) A: ” [TJ] got straight to the point didn’t sugar code anything and really broke my game down which was appreciated”

Q:  What are your goals to obtain here at Iowa State? (asked by @evanand15) A:  “Reach a final 4 finish top half of the big 12 and just overall have a great experience in Ames”

Q: Have you been able to hang out with any of the other players and if so who? (asked by @thomassonderman) A: “Tre King and I took my visit with Hason Ward”

Q: How excited are you to be able to not only experience but be apart of Hilton magic? (asked by @loganturney) A: “It is very exciting, I was unaware Hilton Magic so I will be looking forward to it” Q: Most exiting thing about joining the Cyclones? (asked by @garytoddpayne) A: “Hilton Magic”

Q: Thoughts on Tyrese Hunter leaving? (asked by @seankoenigs) A: “[Tyrese] is doing whats best for him, I wish him the best ofc. I just transferred also to do whats best for me.”

Play Style Questions Q: What is ur go to move? Whats the most underrated part of your game? (asked by @warriorswillwin302430) A: “Euro, Scoring”

Q: Do you see yourself as a scoring guard or a do it all guard? (asked by @ra_thekushite) A: “A basketball player”

NBA Questions Q: What players have you idolized growing up? (asked by @chris.c15) A: “Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose”

Q: Who you got in the finals this year? (asked by @cyclones_everyday15) A: “Bucks Suns”

Q: Who’s the Goat? (asked by @warriorswillwin302430) A: “MJ”

Q: Who is your NBA Comparison? (asked by @jackson.trotter15) A: “Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Dejounte Murray from the Spurs”

Here is the original Q and A instagram post:

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