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NExt Day Thoughts: Oklahoma

Iowa State pulled off a culture changing upset during primetime last night on ESPN. This now makes the Cyclones 2-0 in Conference play and 2-1 Overall. This upset also led them back into the top 25 rankings, where they find themselves at #24 in the AP Poll.


Breece Hall had another monstrous game as he proves himself as a top back in the country. He seemed to never go down on first contact and and looked strong the whole night. The play calling was also exceptional and was highlighted by the tight end to tight end trick play. Kene’s kickoff return was also a spark when the Cyclone’s needed it/


The Cyclones had another strong defensive outing. While the secondary still may be questionable at times, Isheem Young’s game sealing interception made up for any questions. The defensive lined proved to be great again as they continued to get pressure with three or four rushers. The rush defense also looked good. Mike Rose seemed to be all over the field making plays. Jaquan Bailey also made some fabulous plays through the double and triple teams he was facing. 

Relive the Second Half Comeback:

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