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Next day Thoughts: TCU

Its always great to win, especially the conference opener. A lot of good things displayed by the Cyclones in their 3 point win against TCU.


Main Headlines

Breece Hall: 

Hall had a monstrous game, and when the offensive line, who looked a lot better, was able to open up lanes for the true sophomore running back, he was able to show his explosiveness. Hall finished with 155 yards on the ground to go along with a catch for five yards. He also found the en​dzone 3 times.


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Jaquan Bailey: 

Bailey had a huge game and was finally able to break through and become Iowa State’s all time leading sack leader. Not only did he accomplish that, he also came away with 3.5 sacks along with a forced fumble. The forced fumble was huge as it set up Purdy’s TD pass to Darren Wilson Jr. right before half. He put on one of the greatest individual defensive performances in school history.


Defensive Line and Linebackers:

The defensive line and linebackers put together a magnificent performance. The D-line created a ton of pressure as well as the linebackers doing everything they were supposed to. Mike Rose also had a huge pick to seal the deal for the Cyclones.

Iowa State Defensive Backs:

While the secondary looked good last game except for the huge touchdown they gave up, they struggled a bit more at times yesterday. Even with the pressure created by Iowa State’s defensive line, the Horned Frog Quarterbacks were still able to find their receivers.

Purdy and the Passing Game:

Brock Purdy recorded his first passing touchdown and seemed to settle in well to the game. However, Purdy does not seem to be his explosive self. Hopefully, with a healthy Milton and Kolar next week, we will see an explosive Purdy against Oklahoma.

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