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Next Day Thoughts: UL-Lafayette



Iowa State’s defensive was actually very impressive. Other than the 78 yard touchdown they gave up, they were very good (Not counting the last drive, the whole team had given up including Coach Campbell). The defensive line was very good including new comer Latrell Bankston. The linebackers looked good as well, and the secondary looked alright as well.

Breece Hall

Breece averaged over 5 yards per carry while rushing for over 100 yards and getting into the end zone once. Before Downing went down, the O-line looked pretty good for the Cyclones, creating holes for Hall.



Passing Game

The Wide Receives did not look good. Purdy did not look good. Play calling was interesting in second half. Just not good. Interesting to see how much Hutchinson was targeted.

Special Teams

No explaining needed. Iowa State has not had a special teams coach since 2018.

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