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Speed Recap-Iowa State blows out SEMO

Iowa State had a strong performace to start off the season 1-0.


New quarterback Hunter Deckers looked really strong, and his connection to star receiver Xavier Hutchinson looks unmatched. Hutchinson had an insane game, totaling nearly 130 yards and 3 touchdowns receiving.

Dekkers did make a bad decision towards the end of the first half, however, this mistake can be expected given its the first game with new weapons all around. Jaylin Noel also looked strong for the Cyclones, however, it would be nice to see more out of Stanley, Shaw and Wilson for the Cyclone receiving core. It was good to see tight ends Easton Dean and Deshawn Hanika also get in the mix for the Cyclones. The offensive line looked pretty good for the both the run and pass game, where Jirehl Brock and Norton looked like the best two backs for the Cyclones. Brock had an insane run, here is the clip:


The Cyclones looked strong in the secondary, with converted wide receiver Darien Porter making some big plays for the Cyclones. Their tackling looked strong as well throughout the whole defense and new linebacker Colby Reeder was all over the field for the Cyclones, totaling 5 tackles. The Cyclones did lack a pass rush, which looks concerning going into next week's Cy-Hawk matchup. Will McDonald IV seemed to get double teamed, and the rest of the pass rush had a lot of trouble getting to the quarterback and making him feel uncomfortable. It will be interesting to see the adjustments made by the coaching staff heading into next weeks rivalry matchup.

Special Teams

Freshman kicker Jace Gilbert looked accurate in his point after attempts as well on kickoffs for the Cyclones. Special teams looks like it is taking a step forward.

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