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Week 1: Ul-Lafayette Preview

Iowa State will take on the the University of Louisiana at Lafayette on Saturday (9/12) at 11 (CT) on ESPN. Here is the preview podcast to go along with the article:

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Previewing Iowa State

Week 1 Depth Chart Released

Iowa State has released their depth chart for week 1. Some surprises include freshman converted wide receiver T.J. Tampa is high up on Iowa State’s cornerback depth chart. The offensive line does not look like it is completely set in stone yet as well. Lastly, Corey Dunn and Joe Rivera will compete for the starting punter job and could split time.


Player to Watch: Breece Hall


Iowa State’s Offense is stacked this year. With the new look offensive line, this is a big game for Breece Hall. UL also allowed almost 175 yards rushing per game last year while allowing less than 200 yards per game over the air, so look for Breece and the other running backs to do some damage. Purdy could also have a big game on the ground for the Cyclones.

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Player to Watch: Jaquan Bailey


Iowa State’s Co-All Time Sack Leader returns after missing most of last year. Bailey will look to boost his draft stock while greatly bolstering Iowa State’s defensive line this year.

UL-Layafette Preview

The Ragin Cajuns bring in a prolific offense featuring quarterback Levi Lewis who had over 3000 passing yards to go along with 26 touchdowns last year. He also takes care of the ball, only tossing 4 interceptions. Their running back, Elijah Michell also had over 1000 yards rushing and double digits touchdowns. Their defense is also good. Their pass defense was incredible last year, allowing less than 200 passing yards and less than 1 passing touchdown a game last season. They run defense, however, was a bit shaky, allowing a 174 rushing yards per game. All this together gave Louisiana 11 wins last season, look for them to put up a strong fight against the Cyclones.

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